Exhibition Opening

On September 18th, 2008, approximately 120 Myaamia people traveled to the Miami University Art Museum for myaamiaki iši meehtoseeniwiciki exhibition opening events. Tribe members got a private tour of the exhibition and enjoyed songs performed by tribe members. They also heard several speakers discuss the creation of the exhibition, the relationship between Myaamia people and Miami University, and the importance of the day. Be sure to visit the 'Auditorium' in the Exhibit section for many of those videos!


That afternoon, the exhibit opened to the public. During the public opening, Myaamia people shared techniques used in ribbonwork, cattail weaving, and beadwork with visitors. The public opening also featured welcomes from Dr. Bob Wicks, Director of the Art Museum, Chief Tom Gamble, Miami Tribe of Oklahoma, and Dr. David Hodge, Miami University President.

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